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In the spirit-filled world surrounding us, there are angels and demons.

Can you see them?

Can you hear them?

The Starfish Island Gang continues to battle demonic forces.  The angels are watching and ready to help.  Each gang member is trying to navigate this unseen world while facing the personal battles demons throw at them.

Only one more special shell remains to be found, and they hope this will help them finish this battle once and for all.

Andrew and Lee believe they can find the  answers they need in the lighthouse.

The more the gang investigates the beautiful island they call home, the more they realize they have only scratched the surface of the hidden mysteries, secrets, and treasures.


All the way back to the beginning

There is an unseen world that surrounds all of us.  It's  been here  almost since the beginning of time. In this world, angels fight for you, and demons fight against you. The battle raging  is for your very soul!

The orphanage children unknowingly enter into this battle the day they move into the old manor house. William, Henrietta, Katherine, Markus, , and Mary Beth were in awe when the angels assigned to them just appeared. Kenneth and Raymond encountered demons in the forbidden basement. All is not what it seems in the manor house!

Pastor Finley and Jonathan Judge will unknowingly play a vital role in getting the children to their new location and the start of their mission from God.

Twelve families set sail with Captain Mize on his ship, the Lost Mermaid, to an unknown distination.  The inhabitants in this new location are demons, and  the occasional pirates.  The most ruthless pirate that has ever laid foot on the island is one known as Captain Samuel Slayer Johnson, a once respected naval officerin the Queen's Navy: then life happened.

Once they arrive on the island, Captain Mize agrees to help build their new village, but his movtives are purely selfish. He has seen the markers of pirates, and he knows there are buried treasures.

The demons are preparing for the battle to end all battles.  The angels are prepared, and  ready to assist the humans.   Unfortunately, only the children are currently aware of these impending battles.  However, they are cothed in the Armour of the Lord and aremed with The Mighty Word  of God.

  Nothing is as it seems in the tranquil town of Shell Cove on beautiful Starfish Island.  Guarded by powerful angelic forces, the island and its residents are the focus of demonic attacks.  However, The Starfish Island Gang is fighting back.  Each kid is armed with a special gift, and all are armed with faith in The God Who created everything and His Word. Andrew is the gang's leader and is caught in a spiritual dilemma.  Lee, his younger brother, hasn't found excatly how he fits in the gang but is on the brink of discovering his unique gift.  Michael wants to explore the island, while his little brother, Allen, has been entrusted with protecting the improtant treasures the gang will neeed in thier quest.


  Meanwhile, Paige and Sally are hot on the trail of clues that will help the gang solve the deeper mysteries of the island.  Follow the Starfish Isand Gang on thier inspriring adventures. These adventures will take them to the amazing hidden basement under the library, to the depths of the island's many caves, from spiritual strength to tests of faith.  How will they react to the new kids who want to join the gang?  Will the angels help them discern the truth in the newcomses' hearts...or will the forces of evil overtake them. 


  In Mystery of The Beach House, five ordinary kids begin on a journey learning about The God Who created everything! This journey starts the day the kids curiosity of an old aboandon beach house gets the best of them.  Soon they will learn that the quiet town of Shell Cove on beautiful Starfish Island is not what it seems.  

  Their days of playing on the sugar white sand, building sandcastles or swimming in the most beautiful crystal blue ocean is a thing of the past.  This strange world they have entered is filled with unfamiliar voices disappearing people and wily demons.  They now find themselves in the long-standing battle between good and evil.


  You will find this book full of encouragement and uplifting.  The children face life and the many challenges that come their way and they find the answers waiting for them in The Word of God.

"I would be so grateful if you would leave a review on the website where you purchase my books!" ~ Brenda Mize Garza

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