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Brenda Mize Garza, Author of The Beach House on Beach
Brenda Mize Garza Author of The Beach House Series as Young girl
Brenda Mize Garza Author of The Beach House Series Military Service

It’s hard to put into words how you feel when you have published your first book.  The sun came up this morning in all its glory, to welcome in a new day.  As I sit here thinking of my past, some memories make me smile, others make me cry, and still others make me welI aware that had it not been for God, I would not be here to enjoy this new day.

My husband, Jesse and I live in Universal City, Texas with our two Pomeranians, Cocoa Puff and Sugar Baby.  We have three wonderful children and five magnificent grandchildren.

 Growing up in the small town of Nectar, Alabama everywhere you looked was either peach orchards, cotton or corn fields.  Our little town had one of those general stores, you know, the ones that sell peanuts out of a barrel and pickles from a jar.

I graduated from Cleveland High School in Cleveland, Alabama.  My graduation class was a total of 44.  Then I perused a career in nursing.  This path led me into the Armed Forces, which I will be forever grateful.  You never know how great America is until you get to see the many countries that do not have the freedoms we take for granted.  (This is a whole different story.) The last two thirds of my career has been in anesthesia, as a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist).

Many years ago, as I looked around a pediatric operating room that was decorated in cartoon characters.  In my spirit, I felt the Lord say, “all the children know about these characters, but they do not know about me or my son.”  I thought then that someone should write about God and Jesus in a way that children and young teens etc. could come to know them.

My hope in writing The Beach House is that children, young adults and everyone who reads it will come to know The God Who created everything.  That their hearts and minds will be open to the love and compassion of God the Father and Jesus, His son. That through my books they will feel the love He has for them.  That they are special to Him, no matter who they are, or what they have done.  Jesus died for all of us, so we could live through Him.


May the God who created everything richly bless you.




Brenda Mize Garza Signature
Brenda Mize Garza Author of The Beach House Series with Husband Jesse
Brenda Mize Garza Author of The Beach House Alabama Girl
Brenda Mize Garza Seahorse
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